What is a typical day?

  • Your pets day starts from 7.30am with breakfast and a cheery good morning from our live in supervisors. For the dogs they get to go out in their play pens with their mates, whilst for the cats, depending on the weather….they start their first wash of the day, or retire back to bed.
  • Cleaning, watering, fresh bedding happens while dogs are at play then around 10.30am everyone comes back for a stretch and a lie down before walking begins.

What to bring?

  • Try to think of us like a hotel. We provide everything you need, bed, bedding, fresh towels, shampoo, and bowls for food and drink. We even provide your dog with a collar and lead, so no need for you to worry about forgetting something!

Why we do a free day?

  • So you and your dog can see for yourself we offer a great service. If you have children it’s very similar to a play school taster day. As far as we know we’re the only kennels in the county to offer a ‘try before you buy’ . It works both ways, we get to care for your dog, see how he settles, and make sure he’s not too worried
  • They are all different, with different needs and wants. A day stay gives a great feel as to what and how we can make your dog as happy as possible whilst he/she stays with us
  • Day stays run from 10am until 4pm. You drop off and we do the rest. Settling in, running about, making friends, having some lunch and getting a good old cuddle. When you collect we will tell you how they got on

Will they stay nice and warm?

  • All the buildings are heated.
  • Each animal enjoys individual heating and thermostatically controlled central underfloor heating.