Dog coats for winter

So it’s that time of year again, muddy walks, big puddles and maybe even some snow!! And for most dogs, this is pure heaven, I mean, who doesn’t love splashing around in giant mud bath?!
Coats for dogs are great for a few reasons.
As we all know , a Vizzla has not got the same fur coat as an Akita Inu would have, and that’s why it can be important to keep certain dogs comfortable during the winter months.
Fleased lined coats can make a huge difference in keeping those short hairs nice and warm.
It’s also very important to keep senior dogs protected from the cold , as they are more sensitive to the weather and it can cause further health issues.
But also for us owners, having a long haired breed – like a Border Collie, can be a nuisance to wash after every single walk! So,why not try those waterproof onesies to stop those paws getting so muddy!

And who said you need to spend money?
Get creative and use some old clothes/materials to make something useful for your pooches!